Friday, February 18, 2011

EVE Battle for MUGEN 1.0

Lately, I've been seeing some other people having trouble getting their screenpacks to work perfectly with the new MUGEN 1.0. I've been getting PMs about it too.

So folks, I've just decided to gather up my current screenpack into a .zip and release a MUGEN 1.0 update of the Everything vs. Everything Screenpack. Hopefully with this one, people will get the urge to finally move on to see the future of MUGEN itself. Works best on 640x480.

Here is the link to the screenpack:

Enjoy, folks! ;)


  1. Giler Cool! Means: Works Very Very Works

  2. i want your version of mugen with the characters you have.

  3. Cara cabe chars nzc
    Se tiver screen desses me manda no msn
    flw abraço

  4. Hey. Hopefully you'll notice this.

    I can't get the 804 character slot files to work. They seem to just completely ignore me inputting characters into it.

    1. I'm having the same problem! I've copied my select.def file to EvE Battle and EVEvolve and no luck!

  5. actually how to install it? seems like it wont working on the usual way to install. hikhikhik, please help..

  6. There's not the Eve Battle folder.

  7. Here's the Good and Bad ways to make a screenpack.
    Good: brokenMUGEN have a single folder inside the data folder or few folders exemple: data, stages, font, sounds.
    Bad: Way too much junks without folders.